Measuring Light Accurately – Light Meters & Custom Solutions

MIT is focused on providing calibrated light meters and custom light solutions.
The light meters are accurate and can be used in commercial as well as laboratory environments.
The custom solutions measure both visible and invisible light spectrum’s.

The GOLDILUX SERIES of PROFESSIONAL LIGHT METERS are designed to measure ILLUMINANCE of VISIBLE SPECTRAL RADIATION in LUX units. The Goldilux meters are a very sturdy and robust range of instruments.

An external probe, of any GOLDILUX type, may be plugged into or attached to a LIGHT METER OR GAL-3L readout, in this case the detector in the light meter is automatically disconnected – and the displayed reading corresponds to the QUANTITY and UNITS measured with the PROBE.

The LCD (display) of the meters (GAL-2L, GAL-2H) is auto-ranging, self-adjusting, over one decimal (dot placement). External probes (e.g. GALP-1L) have a built-in probe gain selector switch (under the access flap) with two different settings – the probes therefore cover a wider range of readings with one fixed detector, full resolution is obtained by leaving the instrument in the lower settings, allowing for more precise readings with low light or irradiation output by a source.

MIT Solutions satisfies customers specialised, optical, photonic and mechanical requirements by sourcing innovate globally recognised products and creating the best solution.

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