Light measurement


Thousands of systems for lightmeasurement worldwide have been designed, tested and calibrated at Labsphere’s facility in Sutton, Northampshire in the USA.

A diverse customer base and a solid understanding of their unique requirements have allowed Labsphere to evolve over the decades and be involved with the industry’s leading organizations such as CORM, CIE and ASTM. Innovation has led to multiple patents including methods for testing LEDs on a wafer and UV transmittance.

The proprietary material “Spectralon” is accepted worldwide as the best possible solid material used for reflectance standards and targets, as well as colour standards and in integrating spheres. It is available in optical and military grade.

Labsphere is also well known for developing the SPF testing instrument, the UV-2000. It comes with the software allowing choices to measure a .o. according to the internationally agreed COLIPA method of solar UV transmittance measurement when determining sunscreen protection factors in cosmetics as well as in textiles.

Labsphere has a worldwide dealer network, OEM partnership programs, quality control systems and technical innovation.

MIT are the responsible dealer/distributors for Southern Africa and beyond.

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The Light Measurement People
This California based company is the world leader and innovator in high precision, state-of-the-art electro-optical instrumentation and systems.

PhotoResearch has delivered world-class light and colour measurement solutions for high profile applications such as motion picture, aerospace, automotive as well as R & D in science and technology for over 60 years.

The “Spectra” product line is a fast scanning colorimeter, which has entered a new ear in colour and light measurement through major updates of technology:

  • Pritchard Optics, low polarisation
  • Bluetooth wireless connectivity
  • Colour touch screen display
  • USB Technology
  • RGB White point calibration
  • Wide Dynamic Range
  • Dual sensor instrument option: PMT and 256 element detector
  • Li-Ion battery for 12 hour continuous use, digital starge for over 80 000 measurements
  • light weight

pr655color_chromaticity_diagram 2

The SpectraScan Line complements the above series with an automated filter wheel with up to 6 apertures.

The Pritchard Line is the Industry workhorse Photometer most widely used in the world

The Photo Research instruments are robust enough to be used on the factory floor, as well as accurate enough and of the highest performance level to suit industries as much as standards laboratories or the ultimate demands of the aerospace applications.

PhotoResearch applied and incorporated the quality and stability of Pritchard Optics intpo the Photometer lines – namely the industry workhorse the PR – 1980, as well as the new line of the PR – 880, which is fully automated and ideal for today’s automated factory and ATE/OEM environments.

Photo Research developed the first commercially available Video Photmeter over 15 years ago, but the latest and most advanced model

is the PR-920, a digital version introduced in 2001 as the industry standard suitable for astronomical and star simulation measurements.

PhotoResearch is also instrumental in supporting standards for organisations such as VESA, ISO and SAE.

For more information you can visit their website

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