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The company is now in existence for over 2 decades and currently being run with great success by  Margie Hengstberger and her team of specialists and consultants.to serve a  vast client base. 

We offer a wide range of scientific instrumentation, for measurement of light,and radiation, colour and intensity for the highest standard requirement and for achieving solutions in  addressing countless applications in South Africa and the entire region.

We are a dynamic and experienced company offering cameras, optics, motion control, materials, detectors and instruments or fully integrated systems in turnkey solutions.

A one-stop shop for optical, photonic and motion control solutions company located in Pretoria with global reach.

We are sole regional representative for global brandnames such as Labsphere. CI-Systems , PhotoResearch and OptoSigma.  We offer imaging solutions in microscopy bringing the highly acclaimed and confocal white light DSD2 from Andor Technology to South Africa.  

We are the SA manufacturers of the Goldilux range of Light and UV measuring instruments. 

We are dynamic and innovative – you have a measurement problem we will point you in the right direction.

Our new commercial focus addresses the energy requirement for lighting in the low cost housing market. Supplying low cost housing developments with systems for lighting using solar panels to generate the energy free of charge is an affordable ane environmentally responsible solution to address the energy shortfall from the grid at a very high price

The company is now located on the CSIR campus, in a concentrated environment of science and technology parks, close to the DST and the Innovation Hub. Thus we can champion the leaders in the nation’s R & D projects but also serve as key players and experts for sourcing and supplying the latest technology standard required by this nation and in the entire sub-Saharan region.

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