Bilirubin Lightmeter

Bilirubin Meter

Product Summary

Harmful to Exposure:
Yes - Safety procedures must be followed


New instruments are supplied with accredited calibration certificate

Dose Exposure

The infant needs to be exposed to blue lights at a dose of 5 – 10 µW/cm2 . The length of exposure is determined by the physician.

Compensation Factor

Goldilux Bilirubin meters are suitable for all blue light sources and installations. Notes: Spectral distributions and intensities vary between sources used by different manufacturers. 5 – 10 µW/cm2 Blue light has been determined as therepeutically effective. A compensation factor has been determined to standardise the Goldilux Bilirubin meter to read in line with recommended doses of the proprietary monitors.


The definition of a standardised action spectrum for bilirubinaemia is still the task of the Technical Committee TC 6-44 of the International Commission on Illumination (CIE). For more information visit the CIE Div 6 website. Other Goldilux instruments available in conjunction with Bilirubin Meters: Light meters & probes, UV-A meters & probes, UV-B & UV-C (UVGI).

Other Applications

For monitoring the output of curing lamps used by various industries (fibre manufacturers, printers), where peak sensitivities in the spectral range of 400 – 500 nm are applicable. A minimum light intensity is required for satisfactory manufacturing quality. Monitoring of various Blue Light therapy and tanning installations.


Predominantly used in medicine and health care monitoring


  • Robust, lightweight, handheld unit
  • Excellent stability over extended time periods
  • Excellent linearity
  • Digital display
  • Hold function
  • Powered by single, replaceable battery
  • Standard with calibration certificate, legal backing for measurements
  • One year manufacturers guarantee
  • Suitable for µW/cm2 or µW/cm2/nm measurements on LED (including popular brands like ‘NeoBlue’ and ‘Lullaby’)


Measuring Functions:
Measuring Range:
0 to 200 000 µW/cm2
+/- 5% uncertainty
41/2 digit LCD display
Temperature Range:
0 to 50°C
Hold Function:
Power Source:
1 PP3 9V battery
Battery Life:
150 x 80 x 35 mm (basic unit)
Display unit: 220 g (with battery)

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