Andor Technology

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Andor Technology

MIT is the partner in South Africa for Andor Technology and focussing on the Microscopy application.

This business is focussed on providing best in class performance.

The outstanding features are the modular architecture – Andor has integrated its own acclaimed products manufactured in Belfast with the best available software. It is supporting high quality products from other manufacturers

The DRAGONFLY – SuperResolution Platform

The most complete imaging solution ever  – these are the highlights:

  • instant confocal
  • Simulataneous multi-colour TIRF
  • Laser Widefield imaging
  • Single molecule imaging
  • VIS-NIR wavelengths

Reference Projects: A demonstration of this microscopy system was held in Dec 2016 in Cape Town


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Products and Services

DSD2-Light Confocal Platform

Laser Free Confocal Platform for High performance Imaging.

  • Cost effective upgrade for an existing microscope.
  • Real time control and viewing, confocal flexibility,
  • high contrast,
  • high dynamic range

Scientific EMCCD and CMOS cameras

Andor Technology have captured the global market with their best cameras for scientific applications:

CCD and EMCCD cameras

CMOS cameras

Imaging and spectroscopy type applications

Ultra sensitivity – single photon sensitive