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Ci-Systems is a global Electro-optical (E-O) instrumentation company. It has facilities for manufacturing, testing and calibration as well as repair and maintenance.

MIT represents the European company with its location in Paris.

CI-Systems specialises in:

  • IR-sources and Test Sets
  • Black Bodies, Targets and Collimators
  • Boresight Systems
  • Laser Testers
  • Remote Sensing and Radiometers


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Products and Services

Black Bodies

Black bodies radiate temperature and wavelengths of objects.

Available as extended area Black Body Models or as Cavity Black Body.

There a re a number of versatile options available making the black body radiation source useful in developing new E-O military systems.

Main features:

  • removable temperature sensor for fast turnaround calibration
  • Temperature accuracy of 0.007degree C
  • Temperature range -40 degree to 1200 degree C
  • Multifunction controller
  • Milli kelvin Temperature stability
  • Custom Options available


Collimator - METS Test Bench

Small and medium Aperture Collimators

The integration of a collimator with Black Body sources and a target wheel creates the CI-Systems FLIR tester series.

Modular design and easy customisation of components

  • Broad Band application 0.4 to 15 micronmeter
  • Large clear aperture range 4″ to 19″
  • Large Field of View 1 – 11 degrees
  • Accuracy over a wide range of temperatures
  • High reflectivity mirror
  • Rugged construction
  • Portable collimator configuration (ILET)

SR-5000N Spectroradiometer f Remote Sensing

This is the high-end top of the line Spectroradiometer allowing advanced work in object characterisation through radiometrically calibrated infrared signatures.

Applications of the SR-5000N Remote Sensing Spectroradiometer:

  • Calibration and testing of FLIR Test Systems, E-O Simulators, E-O sources and jammers as well as materials
  • Development and production of camouflage materials, rocket and jet engines, E-O sensors and heat seekers, E-O counter measures
  • Monitoring and Measurement of atmospheric transmission, temperature, emissivity, reflectivity, moisture content, air pollution and combustions processes

Targets and wheels

CI-Systems manufactures state-of-the-art IR targets for E-O test systems and offers laser micro-machining to satisfy the ultimate customer request.

Also available: standard targets like pinholes, edge targets, stripes, etc

Boresight and Systems Testers

Setting new standards in E-O testing: Boresighting – Optical boresighting for critical mission targeting.

Inflight boresighting units which enhance the accuracy of the on-board FLIR-Laser and/or CCD-Laser channels.

Designed to perate in harsh environments – drones, tanks, naval vessels and light armoured vehicles.