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Labsphere is a US company specializing in Light Measurement and Characterization.

MIT is representing Labsphere for the entire sub-saharan region since 1995.

The product range is state-of-the-art and comprises instrumentation, calibration services and materials:

  • Integrating Spheres and Uniform Light Sources
  • Goniophotometers
  • UV-Transmittance Analysers (SPF Testers)
  • Sensors and sources
  • Optical calibration solutions for satellites
  • Imaging Systems for System performance and testing
  • Materials coatings and Standards
    • Spectralon, Spectraflect, Duraflect and Infragold
    • Reflectance standards, targets, wavelength standards with or w/out calibration

The following applications and industries are using and benefiting:

  • Aerospace and Defence
  • Cosmetics and Medical
  • Street lighting
  • Metrology, Science R & D
  • Lighting manufacturers
  • Remote sensing
  • Consumer Electronics
  • All Industries


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Products and Services

SPF Testing

The UV-2000S is the SPF tester of choice as used by L’Oreal for emulsion testing.

Menu driven application software providing automatic calculation of SPF using

  • ISO
  • Colipa
  • FDA
  • UVA/UVB ratio
  • and many others

Uniform Light Sources

Used to measure Luminance and Radiance

HELIOS is a modular and design driven system using intelligent components it is robust and flexible.

The Remote Sensing Industry is technology driven and evolving rapidly.

The  dynamic product family combining the best features of product innovation and Labsphere Experience.

Standard Materials

Spectralon and Spectraflect as well as InfraGold are Labsphere Proprietary materials used for diffuse reflectance standards and coating in integrating spheres.

Spectralon is a solid material also available in Space Grade for the highest demands.

White Reflectance coating is available as a liquid (paint 6080) which can be sprayed on prepared surfaces.

Integrating Spheres

Available from 1 inch diameter to 2 m diameter and more they are coated in White reflectance material of Infragold for light measurement in the spectral range from UV (250 nm) to IR (2500 nm).

This is the sphere which was delivered in the project with Uganda, for the National Metrology Laboratory

Street Lighting

Offering instrumentation on automated platforms using intelligent components to characterise all light sources – LEDs, Incandescent and fluorescent – as used in the lighting Industry.