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PhotoResearch is a Jadak/Novanta company, which is listed on the NYSE.
MIT has been representing this company in South Africa since 1995.The Spectrascan instruments measure light and colour through the lens thus achieving high definition as well as high resolution achieving military specifications and grading. These are state of the art instruments suitable not only for colour matching in the film industry but are also the the instruments of choice in colour measurement and calibration laboratories.
The range consists of instruments and accessories for measurement of Luminance, colour-coordinates as well as tristimulus, spot size, contrast measurement and reflectance. Can be used for videos and pulsed sources. Accessories are available such as filters, apertures, automation platforms and battery operation in field settings. Calibration and maintenance services as well as training on site.

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Products and Services

Screen luminance control in aircraft/space

Military standard measurement of luminance and contrast (screen brightness) as well as colour consistency and spot size is critical in aerospace control rooms.

Spectrascan instruments in Hollywood

State of the Art light and colour measurement solutions achieved using the Pritchard Optics Approach. The Founder of PhotoResearch achieved 2 Academy Awards in Hollywood.

A-Takt V-7HS inline spectral testing

Testing scientific accuracy with speed. This instrument is the world’s fastest and most sensitive (0.5 cd/m^2) in 250 ms – screen testing camera with colour. It is software controlled, offers customs lens optics for ultra fast target acquisition to evaluate and measure inline.